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Sie finden das Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum in der Uferstrasse 90. Eine Anfahrtsskizze finden Sie hier


Start of HS21 and Electronics Introduction
Geschrieben am 2021-09-14
On September 23rd at 14:15h we will start the FP with a short introduction and presentation of the experiments. Subsequently the first part of Electronics Introduction will be given by Andrian Vervelaki and Kousik Bagani from the group of Prof Martino Poggio. Part 2 and 3 will be on 30.9 and 7.10, please reserve the afternoons for this course.

Start of the FS21
Geschrieben am 2021-02-24
The introduction to the FP will be on Thursday 3rd March at 14.15h at Uferstr. 90!

Comprehensive mask obligation
Geschrieben am 2020-10-27
Please be aware that since 19.10. we have new Corona rules: - A mask must always be worn in all publicly accessible rooms. The mask may not be taken off while seated. The obligation to wear a mask also applies immediately before and after the praktikum. - Eating and drinking during the praktikum is prohibited.

Introduction to FP
Geschrieben am 2020-09-15
September 17th at 14.15 an introduction to the FP will be given in Uferstr. 90. Please follow the Corona rules at the entrance of the Praktikum. Subsequently the Electronics course will be started.

Re-opening FS20
Geschrieben am 2020-06-24
On Monday 29.6.2020 we can re-open the FP for experiments. Please contact the assistants regarding the safety requirements and arrange an appointment.